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BlipCut AI provides instant, highly accurate YouTube transcriptions, making it simple to access and share valuable content. Ideal for anyone who needs quick, reliable text from YouTube videos.

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BlipCut YouTube Transcript Generator

All-in-one YouTube Video Transcript Generator

Effortlessly translate, transcribe, and save your favorite YouTube videos and their transcripts with BlipCut.

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Convert to 35+ Languages

Transcribe YouTube videos into 35+ languages instantly with our advanced AI technology. Perfect for learners, professionals, and global content creators—BlipCut makes video content accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Transcribe YouTube Automatically

Automatically convert videos into precise SRT or VTT format, ensuring you get accurate subtitles and captions in no time.

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Create Time-stamped Transcription

Unlock seamless video-to-text conversion with BlipCut! Our cutting-edge AI generates accurate, time-stamped transcription from YouTube video.

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AI Translate YouTube Videos

Instantly and accurately translate YouTube videos with YouTube links in BlipCut AI, no more waiting and get accurate translations quickly and effortlessly.

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How to Transcribe YouTube Videos?

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Step 1

Paste YouTube Video Link

Copy and paste a YouTube video link that you want to start uploading.

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Step 2

Transcribe YouTube Video Online

Select the language of your YouTube transcription you want and start transcribing.

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Step 3

Download Transcription

Check and edit it, and download YouTube transcript in SRT or VTT format instantly.

FAQs About YouTube Transcripts

BlipCut is an ultimate AI tool to transcribe YouTube video to text online. It allows you to upload YouTube video files, or pasting YouTube video links directly, and generate convert video to text with zero delays. You can also translate edit YouTube subtitles as well. Finally, download text in SRT or VTT format.

You can easily get accurate transcript from YouTube video in BlipCut, with just a YouTube video link. And you can also create precise time-stamped transcription in SRT or VTT format.

No, ChatGPT can't transcribe YouTube videos directly yet. It can generate a transcription by providing a timestamp and a summary of the video content. Then, you have to use a speech-to-text software or service to transcribe the video based on the timestamp it provides.

Transcribing a YouTube video itself is generally legal, but ensure you have permission from the copyright holder if it's someone else's content. Consider fair use principles, privacy laws, and always provide attribution to the original creator when sharing or using the transcription. BlipCut does not advise people to transcribe other people's YouTube videos without the owner's consent.

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