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With human-like AI voices, voice cloning and ChatGPT translation features, BlipCut Video Translator can automatically translate video to English and other 95 languages accurately, no queuing. Get started for free now!

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It's an online tool for video translation, as well as an AI voice translator online, providing over 95 languages. And its voice cloning feature is amazing!!!

Translate A Video with AI-Powered Features

Experience AI video translation at its finest with this ultimate video language translator, reaching global audiences with precision and innovation.

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95 Languages

No limit on your video language! Translate your videos into 95 languages from any language effortlessly in BlipCut. Break language barriers with ease now!

ai dubbing

Video Dubbing

Unlock a range of human-like AI voices for video dubbing with BlipCut AI Video Translator. Level up your content with natural and expressive dubbing options.

ai caption generator

Auto Caption Generator

BlipCut offers an one-stop solution with auto subtitle generation, translation, and easy subtitle editing, providing an efficient experience for your multimedia content.

online voice changer

AI Voice Changer

Served as an online free voice changer, with hyper-realistic AI voices, it can change voice from your video and speak in any language you want.

free voice cloning

AI Voice Cloning

BlipCut redefines video translation with access to Eleven Labs voice cloning, ensuring a natural and consistent voice across languages. Perfect clones your voice and speak in 29 languages in BlipCut.

Lip Sync video translator

Lip Sync (Coming Soon)

BlipCut seamlessly translates and matches your exact voice and lip movements to the chosen language, ensuring a natural and synchronized adaptation for your content.

AI Video Translation For Every Scenario

ai video translator

Translate YouTube Videos/Shorts

Transcribe YouTube videos for a global audience in BlipCut YouTube Video Translator. Break language barriers, engage viewers worldwide, and amplify your impact effortlessly.

translate video ai

Translate for International Marketing

Easily adapt video content for different channels to expand your reach, connect with diverse audiences, and enhance the global appeal of your products.

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Translate Videos for Education

BlipCut Video Translator can effortlessly translate PowerPoint tutorial videos and e-learning videos, making knowledge accessible to a global audience.

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Translate News Videos

Seamlessly translate news videos, ensuring timely and accurate information reaches to all. Stay instantly informed about global news with BlipCut Video Translator.

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Translate Games Videos

Expand your gaming community by translating game videos. Break language barriers, connect with players worldwide, and enhance the gaming experience for all.

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Translate Movies/Films

Translate movies effortlessly into multiple languages and automatically generate movie subtitles with BlipCut Movie Translator, no limit on the source language of the movie.

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translate video ai
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Our Integration

speak subtitles for youtube

AI Translate and Speak Subtitles for YouTube

It is an YouTube subtitles translator Chrome extension which is to translate and speak subtitles for YouTube into multiple languages with AI. It provides over 100 voices and languages to help you watch YouTube videos with live, spoken subtitles.

  • translator for youtube AI Speak Subtitles for YouTube
  • translate video to english subtitles 100+ Voices & Lanugages
  • subtitle translator online free Auto Adjust Volume and Speed

How Does It Work?

video subtitle translator
Step 1

Upload A Video

Choose to upload a video/audio for video localization, or just paste a YouTube link directly.

srt to mp4
Step 2

Select Target Language

Choose the targe language, speaker you want before translation.

subtitle translator
Step 3

Preview & Download

Preview the translated video and modify the translation, then download it safely.

People Love BlipCut AI Video Translator

It has exceeded my expectations

I found this tool on YouTube and I have to say, it has exceeded my expectations. The accuracy in translating and the lifelike voice for spoken subtitles have improved the quality of my videos.

video translate

Myron Gage


I can't recommend BlipCut AI Video Translator enough

I love how BlipCut AI Video Translator seamlessly translates and speaks subtitles. It has added a professional touch to my YouTube content. I've gain a lot of fans recently, from all over the world!

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BlipCut makes video translation effortless

I'm a content creator who previously translated videos the traditional way. But recently I have realized the power of AI. At BlipCut, I just have to select a target language and AI translates the entire video for me. It is so fast! How incredible!

convert srt language

Nagendra Prabodh

Content Creator

Impressed by its multilingual voice cloning

I used some other video translation tools, but the voice after translation sounded like AI , which bothered me a lot. Then, my friend recommended me BlipCut, which can clone my voice and speak it in other languages. Now I use it to translate to English from Hindi and it works so well.

translate ai

Nālani Kaimana

Social Media Manager

Translate Spanish to English audio accurately online

I recently started using BlipCut and found that it could translate audio as well. Now I can translate Spanish to English from audio online directly.

how to translate a video

Valente Cirilo

Podcast Producer

The best Korean to English video translator ever

BlipCut AI Video Translator has become an integral part of my life. I made some learning videos which speaks in English, but I wanted to make them known to all. So I chose to translate to English. BlipCut can translate Korean to English accurately.

translate movie to spanish

Anne Gerta

Subject Teacher

FAQs for AI Video Translation

There are several reasons that cause failure to analyze your YouTube link:

  • The YouTube videos are private, deleted, or limited to one country.
  • Your YouTube links are incorrect.
  • Your network is not work.
  • Your link is to a YouTube profile page, not to a YouTube video.
  • Our servers get overloaded once in a while. If this occurs, please notify us by sending a message to [email protected] via email.

Currently, 95 languages are easily supported, namely English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Taiwanese), Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Filipino, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Catalan, Ukrainian, Malay, Norwegian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Thai, Slovak, Greek, Czech, Danish, Bulgarian, Galrician, Hungarian, Tamil, etc.

It's worth mentioning that BlipCut doesn't limit the source language of videos, you can import videos in any language.

If you need more processing minutes on a regular basis, we can customize a plan for you. To discuss your needs and explore these options, please notify us by sending a message to [email protected] via email.

No, ChatGPT, including its underlying language model GPT-3.5, does not have the capability to translate videos. It is a text-based model and does not process or analyze video data. However, Blipcut provides a ChatGPT translation feature, which can help you modify your video translation and make it more accurate.

You can translate videos from Spanish into English online in BlipCut. Powered by AI techology, it can instantly and accurately translate Spanish videos to English within minutes. What's more, BlipCut can also be an AI audio translator, so you can translate Spanish to English audio effortlessly in BlipCut.

In order to avoid malicious refund requests, we appreciate your understanding that, any subscription plan that has used more than 5 credits of video translation is not eligible for a refund, except for Testdrive Plan.

If you would like to request a refund, please contact us at [email protected] within 30 days and ensure that you have used less than 10 minutes of translation. For more information, you can refer to our refund policy.

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