Auto Translate Subtitles
in 95 Language

Accurately and automatically translate and generate subtitles in 95 languages to save time and money. Enhance video accessibility, reach a global audience, and streamline your workflow effortlessly with our powerful AI tool.

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Generate, Translate & Edit Subtitles in One Place

Streamline your video workflow and effortlessly generate, translate, and edit subtitles all in one convenient platform!

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Download Subtitles with Accurate Timestamps

Effortlessly download subtitles with precise timestamps to seamlessly integrate into your video content, ensuring enhanced viewer accessibility and engagement.

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Custom Subtitle Styles As Desired

Level up your video with personalized, easy-to-customize subtitle styles that are tailored to meet your specific preferences and enhance your enjoyment of every video!

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Translate Subtitles Powered by ChatGPT

Effortlessly translate subtitles using the advanced AI capabilities of ChatGPT, ensuring accuracy and seamless integration for an enhanced viewing experience.

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Generate Trending Subtitles for Shorts

Effortlessly generate highly trending subtitles for shorts with ease and precision, enhancing viewer engagement and content appeal.

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How to Translate Subtitles Online

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Step 1

Upload Video & Subtitle File

Upload a video and then upload a subtitle file in SRT or VTT format.
Step 2

Edit Subtitles

Check the generated subtitles and edit them if required.

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Step 3

Download Subtitles/Video

After editing, you can choose to download video or download subtitles.

FAQs About AI Subtitle Translation

BlipCut is your ultimate AI SRT translator to translate SRT file to Spanish and other 95 languages. Its advanced subtitle translation brings precision and efficiency to multilingual content creation like never before!

Of cause. BlipCut allows you to upload SRT or VTT file to video before video translation, which can greatly improve the accuracy of your video translation. Here is the simple guide:

  1. Upload your video in BlipCut, and then upload SRT file as well.
  2. Start video translation and the check the transcript.
  3. Finally download your video with subtitles.

Subtitling: Displays translated text on screen while keeping the original audio.

Dubbing: Replaces the original audio with voice tracks in another language.

Yes. You can use BlipCut to automatically generate subtitles for your video. Besides, you can also translate and edit subtitle in its platform, no need to find any other tools.

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